Let’s think about changing how we change the world…

Launtel are not here to just provide kick-arse phone solutions and the best broadband network in Australia, we actually want to make the world a better place too.

As we grow, we’ve been thinking about how we do that. Do we sponsor things? Do we provide funding to third world countries? Do we empower ‘not for profits’ in other ways? But what dawned on us was that there’s a stigma toward people/companies/charities that spend raised funds on amplifying their impact.

For example people that give want the money to go directly to the cause. But what if the money could go in to something that employs people to make the impact on that cause event bigger than it otherwise was?

Dan Pallotta says “Too many nonprofits, he says, are rewarded for how little they spend — not for what they get done.”

We wanted to share with you one of the most powerful TED Talks we’ve ever watched, and something that we hope will shift thinking…

Dan Pallotta Ted Talk Charity Giving Sponsorships Tasmania